Display Programs

ValueMax products are easy to sell but our display programs make it even easier by providing a wide variety of units to fit your store needs.  Best of all these units are free for your use when you purchase a full fill of product for the display.

power station 2The Power Station (CM-PS-KIT2)

The Power Station and Energy Centers are stocked with Cellmax batteries and flashlights. These displays make it convenient for customers to find the batteries and flashlights they are looking for. Keeping things neat and easy to find, these displays pack a mass of product in a small space. Even the display signage can be custom made with your store branding on top. This display can also be used to house any combination of any of the ValueMax family of products. Let us customize a display that is just right for your store.

photo 2 (7)The Power Panel (CM-MPS-KIT)

The Power Panel, like its big brother the Power Station, can be stocked with any of our ValueMax family products or our VM Super Values. The display mounts easily to the side of your end cap or can even be used as a free standing unit. This display is great for batteries, flashlights, mobile accessories, gloves or a combination of your choice.

Top sellers cell max2The Counter Display (CM-12PEG-KIT2)

This stationary display can be custom made to display a wide variety of  products and price points.  Use it to host top selling batteries, as a fixed price display, impulse items and more.  What ever you display on this eye catching unit, you are sure to sell it.

photoPower Tower (CM-20PEG-KIT)

Our Top Sellers Tower Display holds the top selling batteries and flashlights in a compact space. The Magnetic flashlights grip tight to the metal display.

RC-4SHLF-FD19 Hi-Res 1Pure Natural Soap & Fragrance Display (BELA-KIT-1)

Our Bela Soap and home fragrance display packs a large amount of merchandise into a small space. Display comes with or without pegs.

Full Wax Melt Display Hi-Res 2

Wax Melt Display (BELA-WXMLT-KIT)

Bela Premium Wax Melts Display Kit contains 144 pieces of our 2.5 ounces of irresistible fragrances that burn in popular electric burners or tea light candle burners. Our melts are premium because they hold the most fragrance a wax melt can hold. Your customers will be naturally drawn to this convenient counter display

bela with signBela Soap Display

This wire soap display is on casters to it can be moved around the store with ease.  The angle of the boxes is ideal for customers to see the beautiful colors and smell the luscious fragrances.

Untitled-1Bela French Soap Trays (BELA-TRAY-KIT)

Our French Style Wood Soap Trays allow you to display your favorite fragrances all together in one convenient place making it easy for customers smell the luxurious scents Bela has to offer.

wardsWards Glove Display

The Original Wards Glove Company is the best value in the USA. We beat any competitors price and have the largest variety of gloves that are packaged right here in the U.S.A. When it comes
to quality and value, look no further. Wards Glove Company has you covered.