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Trust Naturals Sprays are an all natural healing and soothing spray that manages the micro-environment and promotes the regeneration of healthy skin cells. Each spray is specifically formulated and highly engineered to heal and sooth many common skin irritations. Each spray contains all natural ingredients that are fused together to create a soothing and healing treatment that will decrease the Histamines and promote healing and relieve pain.

Each of the Trust Natural Sprays have Specific Ingredients that are targeted to heal specific skin conditions. It is 100% Natural! Our all natural sprays DO NOT hurt when applying…. Creams do!

How Our Products Work

Each of our Trust Naturals Sprays is Specifically Formulated to target and heal common but uncomfortable and many times painful skin irritations. These individual sprays each contain special ingredients that are fused together in a highly engineered process.

  • One Special quality all of our sprays contain is the ability to make the skin resistant to micro-organisms. This gives long term pain relief and can aid in helping prevent infection.
  • All of the sprays will increase oxygen concentration making it harder for bacteria to multiply and cause infections.
  • The pH of each spray is specially calculated to promote a healing and soothing effect for each skim problem. The pH effect of each spray helps resist certain pathologic bacteria and allows use as often as desired with no side effects.
  • Our formula stimulate cell growth more rapidly. This creates the growth of new healthy skin.
  • Each formulas ingredients are engineered to stabilize the membrane based on the skin condition. It is not a Steroid.
  • Each formula reduced the release of histamines based off each type of skin irritation.
  • It is non-toxic if it gets in eyes or mouth.


Diaper Rash Spray

Sunburn Spray

First Aid Spray

Poison Ivy Spray