In Home Spa Experience

Relaxing and effervescent, Bela Bath Bombs bring the lush, spa experience into the home. We have three lines of bath bombs available: Bela Luxury, Bela 100% Natural Aromatherapy, and Bela Kids Fizzy Fun Bath Bombs, all made with skin nourishing ingredients and relaxing fragrances.

Natural Ingredients

Enriched with moisturizing, natural ingredients like Shea butter and organic coconut oil, Bela Bath Bombs are made with Epsom salts, aluminum-free baking soda and non-GMO citric acid for the ultimate luxury bath.


Just as important as what goes into our bath bombs, is what’s left out. Many people today have sensitivities to gluten and other fillers. That’s why we manufacture our bath bombs without gluten and use premium food-grade coloring.


Our products are never tested on animals; we’re cruelty-free. Bela bath bombs contain no animal bi-products and and we take great pride in responsibly and sustainably sourcing our ingredients.

Made in the USA

All lines of Bela Luxury, 100% Natural Aromatherapy, and Kids Fizzy Fun Bath Bombs are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Vegan Friendly

No animal by-products go into any Bela bath bombs, making them a great option for our vegan friends. We use sustainably sourced Shea butter and organic coconut oil for their unbeatable moisturizing properties, while being an ethically sound consumer product choice.

Why Bela Bath Bombs?

Display Options

From in and out PDQ displays to permanent floor fixtures, there’s a display option right for any retail floor space. We’re experts in maximizing the space you have to incorporate the most product for increased ROI.


Here at Bela, we’re always working to stay ahead of the curve with trending bath and beauty products. That’s why we always have new products in development. This year will see CBD infused and extra large foaming bath bombs added to the line.

Incremental Sales

The entire Bela line is specially designed to build incremental sales over time for our partners. With growing brand recognition, redesigned merchandising and thoughtful social outreach, Bela Bath & Beauty is a valued brand that offers quality products with repeat customers.


We’re focused on strong partnership initiatives, and we do this through our role as the factory-direct source for Bela Bath Bombs. Made exclusively at our manufacturing facilities in the US, we’re able to control how our products are brought to market by being the single point of supply.

Distribution Channels

Our logistics team can coordinate LTL, mixed containers, or FTL freight, crossdocked at our Michigan warehouse facilities of direct to DC’s. Keeping your supply chain free from roadblocks is our priority.

Private Label Services

Are you looking to increase brand loyalty? We leverage our manufacturing capabilities, in-house graphics team, and distribution channels to make your private label dream a reality. From custom ingredients sourcing and formulations, to packaging design, to call-out information, we take your goal and design the project to fit.

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