Why Choose Value Max Products?

Looking for private label soap manufacturers that you can trust? Our strong partnership initiatives and custom designed products yield high turns and successful margins for our customers. We offer a full-service private label experience; with both private label soap bars and liquid soap, we take end goal concepts and bring them to life. As a result, our soaps can be found in some of the largest retailers around the globe.

Custom Ingredients

We take pride in recommending and sourcing natural and/or sustainable ingredients. Our team will work with you on custom ingredient blends to set your branded product apart from the rest.

In-House Graphics Team

You know how important packaging is to the success of a brand. Our in-house graphics team has years of experience in packaging artwork design and we will work with you to ensure your vision is realized.

Choose Your Price Point

From low cost options, to value price points, all the way to high-end retails; we take your goal and design the project to fit. Making sure your project stays on budget with the best possible ingredients is our specialty.

Worldwide Logistics

We offer direct container shipments from our soap factory in Australia or we can warehouse your products and ship LTL from our Michigan facilities to DC locations.

Unlimited Production Capacity

When a new product launches into market with unbridled success, you want to make sure you’re not limited by short supply. Our manufacturing facility is capable of unlimited production capacity, so your brand’s potential is limitless.

Low-Hassle Product Launches

Our more than a decade of experience allows us to leverage our factory direct connections to make your vision reality. With low minimum order quantities, trending product groups, and coordinated promotion efforts with our customers, we’re able to maximize results.


Liquid Hand Soap

Liquid Hand Soap

New to the natural soap line. Available in foaming or gel formulas. Choose your fragrance, formula, and bottles. Let our graphics team do the rest. Our private label liquid hand soap MOQ is 10,000 pieces per sku for the initial order with a 100,000 piece annual commitment.

3.5 Oz Natural Soaps

Our flagship natural soap. Wrapped or unwrapped, embossed or not, these triple French milled soaps are made in Australia and available in 24 fragrances. Our 3.5 oz private label natural soap MOQ is 10,000 pieces per sku.

6.5 oz Natural Soaps

6.5 Oz Natural Soaps

After the success of the 3.5 oz soaps we introduced the 6.5 oz variety. Same triple French milled, Australian-made formulations with higher retail price points. Our 6.5 oz private label soap MOQ is 10,000 pieces per sku.