Bela Luxury Face Mask Sheets

Say goodbye to common skin problems and hello to brighter,
clearer, more hydrated and smoother skin in just 20 minutes

Vegan Friendly

Like most of the Bela Bath & Beauty line, our Luxury Face Mask Sheets fit neatly into the vegan friendly lifestyle. No animal bi-products go into our face mask ingredients, making them a great addition to other vegan and natural health and beauty product placements.

Cruelty Free

The entire Bela Bath & Beauty line is cruelty free; we never test our products on animals. We take great pride in responsibly sourcing our ingredients in a way that is kind to the earth and its animals.

In Home Spa Experience

Bela Luxury Face Mask Sheets bring spa-quality results right into the comfort and convenience of home. With four formulas to choose from, there’s one for every skin type: Detoxifying, Soothing, Brightening, and Hydrating.

Made in the USA

Made stateside in our manufacturing facilities, you can be assured the quality of our Bela Luxury Face Mask Sheets is second to none. We are the factory-direct source for all Bela Bath & Beauty products so you can be confident in the authenticity and quality of our products when you buy direct from us.

Repeat Customers

As with the rest of our Bela Bath & Beauty line, our face mask sheets boost sales over time. The end users enjoy our products so much they become repeat customers, building on incremental sales for our partners.

Brand Awareness

In the last several years, the Bela Bath & Beauty name has become synonymous with luxury skin care at an affordable price. We’ve invested heavily in social outreach and other brand management marketing, so consumers recognize the Bela name as a brand they trust.

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