Bela Mineral Bath Soaks

Made with natural and organic ingredients, Bela Mineral Bath Soaks are the newest addition to the
Bela Bath & Beauty line and perfectly compliment our natural soaps, bath bombs, and face mask sheets.

In Home Spa Experience

High quality long-grain Epsom salt combined with Pacific sea salt, and red Hawaiian clay are blended together with a mix of beneficial minerals to provide a nurturing, spa-quality luxury in the home bath.

Pure Essential Oils

Each of our seven Bela Mineral Bath Soaks are specially formulated with the perfect blend of pure essential oils for maximum benefits. From Eucalyptus, to Tea Tree to Ylang Ylang essential oils, our Bela Mineral Bath Soaks are ideal for fatigue, comfort, and nourishment.

Natural Ingredients

Enriched with natural ingredients like pink Himalayan sea salt, rose petals, lavender buds, pure essential oils, and Epsom salts, Bela Mineral Bath Soaks are made from 100% natural ingredients.

Vegan Friendly

No animal by-products go into our Bela Mineral Bath Soaks, making them an easy choice for our vegan friends. We take great pride in our responsibly sourcing all ingredients for the products in our bath and beauty line.

Gluten Free

In line with other natural and clean bath and beauty trends, we've seen significant growth in the demand for our gluten free products. Like our Bela bath bombs, face masks, and the majority of our natural soaps, our mineral bath soaks are 100% gluten free.

Cruelty Free

Like the entire Bela Bath & Beauty HBW line, Bela Mineral Bath Soaks are 100% cruelty free. This has become a key selling point in the last several years and we're proud to say we've been a part of the movement since our brand's inception.

Brand Recognition

In the last few years we've worked hard to grow our product market for Bela Bath & Beauty products, and it's paid off with a wide-reaching base of loyal customers to the Bela brand. Through product launches in larger retail chains, to the Amazon marketplace, and a growing social presence, Bela has become a household name.

Impulse Sales

One Bela Bath & Beauty's best advantages its tendency to capture impulse sales. Product placement and merchandising catch the attention of the everyday shopper, resulting in unplanned sales. These impulse buys compound over time, building incremental sales growth for our partners.

Factory Direct

At Bela, we're focused on strong partnership initiatives, and we do this through our role as the factory-direct source for Bela Mineral Bath Soaks. Made exclusively at our manufacturing facility in here in the US, we're able to control how our soaks are brought to market by being the single point of supply.

Dedicated Account Specialists

Our account specialists are committed to your success. Our team effectively handles our partnerships, from large national retailers to smaller single store locations. Maintaining buyer relationships through communication is our specialty.

Distribution Channels

Our logistics team can coordinate LTL, mixed containers, or FTL freight, crossdocked at our Michigan facilities or direct to DB's. Keeping your supply chain free from roadblocks is a top priority.

Private Label Services

Are you looking to increase brand loyalty? Here at Bela, we leverage our manufacturing capabilities, in-house graphics team, and distribution channels to make your private label dream a reality. From custom ingredients sourcing and formulations, to packaging design, to call-out information, we take your goal and design the project to fit.

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