Bela Luxury Bath Bombs

Made in the USA and compressed with a 100 ton press to ensure they retain their structure until released in water. We use only premium ingredients and no harsh fillers.

In Home Spa Experience

Bela Luxury Bath Bombs give users an effervescent, in-home spa experience with a fizzy effect while adding color, fragrance, and nourishing ingredients to any bath. With the self-care market larger than ever these bath bombs are profitable impulse sales items for our customers.

Natural Ingredients

All Bela Bath & Beauty products are made with premium natural ingredients; Bela Luxury Bath Bombs are no exception. Organic Shea butter and coconut oil, Epsom salts, non-GMO citric acid, and food-grade coloring are combined to make our bath bombs the best value for the retail price point.

Clean Beauty

Just as important as the natural ingredients that go into our bath bombs, are the things we leave out. The trending clean beauty category means consumers are demanding products without unwanted additives which is why we don’t add parabens, sulfates, petro-chemicals, animal by-products or even gluten to any of our bath bombs.

Why Bela Luxury Bath Bombs?

Display Options

From in-line displays to permanent floor displays to in-and-outs, Bela Luxury Bath Bombs offer the perfect display option for every retail floor space. Our in-house design team is always working on new and innovative displays, and have the capabilities to custom design displays when requested.

Factory Direct

We’re focused on strong partnership initiatives, and we do this through our role as the factory-direct source for Bela Bath Bombs. Made exclusively at our manufacturing facilities in the US, we’re able to control how our products are brought to market by being the single point of supply.

Brand Recognition

In the last few years we’ve worked hard to grow our product market for Bela Bath Bombs, and it’s paid off with a wide-reaching base of loyal customers to the Bela brand. Through product launches in larger retail chains and the Amazon marketplace, aw well as a growing social presence, Bela Bath Bombs have become a household name.

Incremental Sales

One of the Bela brand’s best advantages is their tendency to capture impulse sales. With growing brand recognition, redesigned merchandising and thoughtful social outreach, Bela Bath & Beauty is a valued brand that offers quality products with repeat customers.

High ROI

Top end profit margins, outstanding account management, and partner-centric promotions are the keys to our products’ high returns on investment. Our goal is for you to make the most of your dollars spent with our high quality yet value priced bath and beauty products.

Private Label Services

Are you looking to increase brand loyalty? We leverage our manufacturing capabilities, in-house graphics team, and distribution channels to make your private label dream a reality. From custom ingredients sourcing and formulations, to packaging design, to call-out information, we take your goal and design the project to fit.

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