Bela 6.5 Oz Pure Natural Soap Bars

New Bela 6.5 Oz embossed soap bars are now available. Made with the exact quality our loyal followers expect from the Bela brand family, these soaps are 45% larger than our flagship 3.5 oz bars and continue the tradition of responsible craftsmanship with certified sustainable plant oils and enriched with organic Shea butter. Each bar is created with the same triple French milling process for a long-lasting, rich and creamy lather that leaves skin feeling silky smooth while being enveloped in the intoxicating scents we’ve become famous for.


Our Shea butter is fair trade certified and directly benefits empowering women in communities of Ghana. Harvested from the nut of the African Shea tree, Shea butter is an exceptional moisturizer and well-known for its skin nourishing properties.


Here at Bela, we responsibly source our ingredients. We use only sustainably sourced palm oil and our soap base contains no EDTA, HEDP, artificial preservatives or foaming agents. All of the palm used in the manufacturing of our soap is non-GMO and our soap base is 100% natural.


We use the age-old process of triple French milling because it compresses the bar to remove air pockets. The end result is a long-lasting bar that won’t dissolve easily and creates a rich, creamy lather.

Why should you carry Bela Pure Natural Soaps?

For the past several years we’ve been laying the groundwork for an increased brand presence. From diversifying our product lines, to redesigning our merchandising and growing our social presence, the Bela Bath & Beauty brand is becoming a household name, and our Bela Soaps are proving our success with our retail partners.


From in-line and end caps to easy in-and-outs to permanent floor displays with custom planograms, the Bela 6.5 Oz line of pure natural soaps has a display option right for you. We’re experts in merchandising, placing the most product in minimal space to maximize your retail floor space.


The entire Bela line is specially designed to build incremental sales over time for our partners. With growing brand recognition, redesigned merchandising and thoughtful social outreach, Bela 6.5 Oz. Soap is a growing part of our valued brand that offers quality products with repeat customers.


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